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Our nurses possess complete training and certification, collaborating closely with residents and medical professionals to guarantee that each person receives the necessary care for a comfortable and gratifying life. From daily activity support and medication administration to specialized medical procedures, our nurses are committed to delivering the utmost level of care.

Our Workforce Solutions

Leading Aged Care & Nursing Workforce Solutions Throughout Australia 

We provide comprehensive support services and staffing options to alleviate the burden when you face staff shortages, delivering both casual and permanent staff for aged care, disability, and healthcare facilities. Australian-owned and operated staffing agency specialising in aged care, nursing, and disability, we possess the expertise, capabilities, and network to supply proficient staff across Australia

Exceptional Nursing Services: Enhancing Comfort & Well-being

Residential Care Services

At Salveo Nursing, we understand that providing exceptional care for seniors in aged care residential settings is a dual responsibility. Not only do we focus on delivering high-quality, personalised services for our residents, but we are also committed to fostering a strong and dedicated workforce that is equipped to meet the unique needs of the elderly community.

  • Facility support 

  • Accreditation support 

  • Staff training 

  • Manual handling training 

  • No More Falls program 

  • Customised training programs

  • Speech pathology

  • Set up with a facility Pain Management Program 

  • Private consultations & Group exercise 

  • Locum Adhoc allied health staff. 

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Podiatry 

  • Dietetics 

  • Workforce Management

  • Personal Care Workers

Community & Home Care

We recognise the vital importance of community and home care services in empowering individuals to lead fulfilling, independent lives. Our commitment to providing exceptional, personalised care goes hand in hand with our dedication to developing a skilled and compassionate workforce that is equipped to serve the needs of our clients and their communities. By offering comprehensive home care services, we ensure that our clients can maintain their health, well-being, and dignity in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Speech Therapy 

  • Home Care Nurses

  • Personal Care Workers

  • Geographical coverage – we have a national footprint to cover your client's requirements. 

  • Workforce with diverse cultures and multilingual skills – Our team is flexible and diverse to suit your customers’ needs. 

  • Proactive and collaborative communication – our high-quality systems and people ensure that you will get relevant and timely reporting of your service outcomes. 

  • High-quality systems that provide overall transparent service reporting.

Join The Team

We're on the hunt for the most innovative and dedicated professionals in the field - Midwives, Specialist Nurses, Independent Nurse Immunisers, Mental Health Nurses, Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Student Nurses, Personal Care Workers, Assistant's in Nursing, Patient Service Assistants and Theatre Techs. Join our team and let's revolutionize the standard of care together.

Fast Payments

Offering highly competitive pay rates across the healthcare sector

As a front line worker you will experience career flexibility. Salveo Nursing is able to provide 4000 hours per week across all regions in Melbourne and Sydney and some regional cities. We can give you the freedom to experience different aspects of the profession.



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